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Post by Lily on Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:37 am

There was once a time, hundreds of generations ago, when predator and prey lived together in harmony. They all spoke one language and grew under the protection and influence of the orraborra trees. They elected one animal to be queen and she was given immortality. But, after a while, predators started convincing others that they would take over. The Orraborra trees were all massacred and humans decided that they would become the rulers. In a hopeless try, the queen gave up her immortality to save the planet by giving her powers to one of each predator. These were known as the first lucid ones. Each generation new lucid ones are born, and the old fall in battle. The corrupted have tried to stop the lucids from saving the planet.
Credit for original idea is Feral Pride on YouTube.

Hello, Huatas. I guess you are here to learn. About what, you ask. About lucid ones. I am Queen Brittany, the very first lucid one. Yes, I was the queen of the original world. But now I have passed on so that you can take over what I have been fighting for. That is your responsibility now, so trend in carefully.

The corrupted are murdering all lucid ones they see on sight. They have been killing al the animals they see, actually. They have become more dangerous. The world lives in fear. The short amount of Lucid ones worry that they can't win. So they have been starting to train lucid ones before their ready. Several of the older ones were murdered I front of their Huatas. Then the Huatas were killed too. The corrupted are making sure that they will take over the world. How can we beat them? Only time can tell.

Other stuff:

Huata is the name we lucid ones give to our lucid ones in training. It means apprentice.

The corrupted started out like you or me. They are pitch black with icy blue eyes and a grey smoke like mask on their faces. They can change from two forms, the normal form and the corrupted form. The corrupted form makes them heavier and covers them in sharp armour that can make a clean cut through a tree. Their only weakness is their leg joints. If hit at the exact point, they will jam up and the corrupted will have to change to their normal form.

More about the corrupted:
The corrupted are the result of two tyrant parents trying to produce the strongest offspring. They will tear out the tounges of their younger siblings and leave them to die, so that they can have all the attention. Then the corrupted live normal lives more or less, until they start killing. They will kill anything in their path. This is when they become a corrupted. We do not know why they chose to become corrupted but we know one thing, once they change, they are beyond reasoning with.

Lucid ones:
The lucid ones are albino animals. They are white with red eyes and can come in any predator species. Very rarely there is a lucid one that is born that is prey, but they die quickly. The lucid ones can control plants, they can have special seed pouches made out of leaves on their necks and that stores seeds of Diffrent plants. When hit by one of these seeds, any animal gets engulfed by the plant. Lucid ones can decide when the seed sprouts. Each lucid one is in charge of saving one orraborra tree. Lucid ones go through enough training for them to live, but sometimes this is not enough. There is also some plants that can be used to protect the lucid one from attacks. One of these is the Venus fly trap. They can be attached to the bloodstream and in return they will eat anything thrown at them. However, they are not given to Huata's as they could consume the lucid one. The Lucid ones do not hunt, they consume the weak, injured and fallen. In return to this, The creatures are given sanctuary from other predators. The Lucid ones can also eat plants.

Aromas are normal animals that are granted special abilities from the lucid ones. A Lucid one can only have 4 in their life. Some of these abilities are elemental abilities. They are attracted to the Lucid ones.

The hunters

The prey

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