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Post by Quake on Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:29 am


A long time ago, the many supernatural tribes lived together in peace. This was all interrupted, however, when a rogue angel went insane and began attacking and killing members of each group. Soon the angel was caught and 'killed', but the groups continued attacking one another. The council broke up, and each representative in the council now became the leader. This is where we continue, in the war between groups.


The rogue angel, Ena, is now infiltrating and spying on the angels' camp, with help from the rogue group. She's disguised as an angel called Nuria. 
The rogue group's aim is to destroy the tribes, and they're sneaking people in and out, with more people joining their group every day. Outcasts and half-breeds are all getting kicked out with nowhere to go.
Oh, and the war's still happening. Yeah, that thing.

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