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No discussion, only auditions on this topic

Audition Guide

Name: Any name. Not like "Pony" "Cake" or "Grass" though! Razz
Gender: Female or male
Age: Years. For immortal beings, put what age they stopped ageing and how long they've been alive for (eg, 17 years old but lived for 4820 years).
Tribe: Rogue (supernatural type as well) or just the supernatural group
Rank: Rank in their tribe.
Job: Their job in the tribe, look down below for available jobs.
Appearance: Appearance of the supernatural.
Accessories/Scars: (OPTIONAL) Any extra jewellery, scars, etc of your supernatural. 
Weapons: (OPTIONAL) Any weapons said character prefers.
Personality: Your supernatural's personality.
Powers: (if any) Not too OP, and make it similar to the role! Eg, if you have a happy-go-lucky, positive character - don't give them shadow powers!
Family: Mother, father, siblings, kids, lover/mate, etc
History: (OPTIONAL) Detailed history. Babies/children don't need it.

Any extra notes: (OPTIONAL) Well, title explains it - any extra notes on your character.

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