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Post by Lily on Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:03 am

Cause why tf not
Welcome to the world where I can’t do the pictures

This is Delta
A bit overgrown and rustic, but its home, its our home!
Those who attack us, are relentless and crazy
Those who stop them? 
Oh, even more so!
We may be small in numbers
But what we stand for is larger then any of us
We stand for peace and justice
And bit by bit, we can change the world
They may have armies
They may have horrible torture methods
But we have something greater

Delta is a small island in the middle of the alpha islands, where my family has been living for generations. Delta has a variety of dragons, but the rarest is the Dramillion. We work hard for what we do and we protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Here (ask for url as this is being annoying) is the map of the island. It will get updated as the island grows. But, you need a dragon. Will you choose a Night Terror? A Death Song? Or maybe a Skrill? No one knows, But follow your heart and the dragon will be your constant companion.

As you are well aware, we save dragons here. However, there are people who want to destroy our race of Vikings. These people kill dragons, not just for defence but for fun. They put dragons against dragons in a arena, fighting to the death. There are people who also kill dragons, but only after they have served a purpose. Our spies have found that they force a dragon to fight for them. Then, they kill them. Can we stop them? No we cant. We will have to travell the world to save dragons, even if it costs us our own lives too.

Next plot:
There are more Dragon species out there. We know it. But, no one else believes us. We need to find another species of dragon and document it. After that, we can prove that there is more out there. But as we explore we find something that perhaps should have never been found... what is it?

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